Daniela Celi for Heavy Jeans - Anglia Ruskin University

julho 16, 2021

Daniela Celi

Industrial Chic // SS 2022

This collection is inspired by the relaxed and functional utilitarian workwear that captures a post-pandemic society. Influenced by 1990’s grunge, this collection emphasizes oversized garments with industrial deconstructed textures and strong dark colours. The use of hemp and bamboo fabrics and antibacterial and UV resistant fabrics promote health and well-being and sustainable practices.

Tell me about your project?

For me we are all the same, regardless of gender, therefore inclusivity is a primary focus of my design practice. Inspired by vintage workwear, this gender-neutral print-based collection explores how previously worn garments hold traces of history. How the fabric has protected the body and embeds a dialogue of memories within the cloth. ‘I liked to imagine a historical narrative where workers rubbed their dirty hands on their trousers after a long day of work’.

What have you enjoyed most with your collaboration with Heavy Jeans?

This exciting live project has enabled me to work closely with the Heavy Jeans design team and develop a commercial collection of products and promote to a wider audience. Examining the brand’s history and product range has enabled me to develop a professional viewpoint that focuses on producing quality products, whilst maintaining an innovative and sustainable approach to design.

How has this work informed your practice as a designer?

The opportunity of working on a collaborative project with Heavy Jeans has enabled me to focus to explore innovative design methods and develop sustainable practices within the denim industry. Through regular feedback with the design team, I’ve been able to consider alternative design practices, exploring new sustainable ways of producing material and manufacturing processes that respect the environment.

Why is sustainability important in the fashion industry?

As a young fashion designer, sustainability is at the core of my design practice. Cotton is overly produced and excessively consumed, so in this collection I promote the use of alternative natural fibres, such as hemp and bamboo. Designers and consumers, together can start to explore alternative ways to design, produce and use clothes that respect the world we live in.

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